Closing Cost

An " Owner's Title Insurance Policy" is based on the purchase price of the property. The State of Florida Department of Insurance publishes title insurance standard rates( promulgated ) which determine the amount of the premium. Our office charges the promulgated rate. If a buyer is securing financing for their new purchase, the lender will also require a separate, simultaneous issued, " Mortgagor's Title Insurance Policy", to insure the amount of the loan. If an owner is refinancing their property, the new lender will require a lender's policy. While a refinance does not require new owner's title insurance, by providing our office with a copy of the policy, will save you money with a reissue rate on the new lender's policy, which is discounted and dictated by the state.

Other Closing Costs- when buying or refinancing a property there are other fees charged to the HUD Settlement Statement by the title company.

* Settlement Fee to Lawyers 1st Title - $695.00
( This fee covers the costs of preparing the documents and handling the actual closing, storage, Fed Ex and wire fees..)

* Recording Fees
( to record the deed, mortgage and any affidavits)

* State/ County Tax
(Only applicable if you are getting a mortgage)

* Property Survey
( Optional if paying cash but required if getting a mortgage) approximately $325-375